JT Advocates offers a commercial and technology law team with substantial experience in negotiating, drafting, and advising on sourcing agreements, strategic relationships, licensing agreements, and other critical agreements and relationships that enable businesses and public bodies to accomplish their commercial objectives.

What JT Advocates Under the Commercial Law Service Does

JT Advocates commercial lawyers have a specialist practice area (e.g., Intellectual Property) or industry focus (e.g., Technology, Media & Telecoms). The exception to this is in smaller firms, where the term simply refers to those whose clients are businesses rather than individuals.

Workload is dependent on which area the lawyer works in, but much of the transactional work focuses on protecting each client’s business interests by managing a wide range of risks. Day-to-day work involves drawing up a wide range of commercial agreements and standard forms of words, such as disclaimers.

  • Services offered include:
    • Contracts covering outsourcing conducted through detailed procurement processes
    • Services distribution
    • Software licensing agreements and telecoms contracts
    • Privacy issues such as compliance, data monetization, and cybersecurity
    • Large-scale commercial transactions
    • Outsourcing transactions or IP development and licensing
    • Drafting consumer-facing documents such as terms of use and privacy policies
    • Development and Product marketing
    • Manufacturing and Supply
    • Maintenance and support
    • White labeling
    • Collaboration
    • Online terms and conditions
    • Banking and finance
    • Capital markets and securities
    • Restructuring and insolvency

Why You Might Need Our Help

Working in the rapidly-developing technology industry is exciting and empowering, but it can also be fraught with legal pitfalls. Whether you are just forming your business entity or have an established operation, JT Advocates is here to help. If you are a technology company currently facing a legal issue, JT Advocates is here to help. If you are not yet in need of specific legal assistance, that is even better. When you consult JT Advocates and retain our services early on, we offer our attorneys the opportunity to get to know you and your business thoroughly. That means when problems do arise, we are prepared to advise you and ready to make quick decisions when necessary.

Protect yourself today against the legal issues that will inevitably arise as your business grows and, even more importantly, against those that can be avoided with careful planning and the right legal guidance.


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