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Almost all businesses need to raise finance at some stage. This can be done by either borrowing money, known as debt finance, or selling a stake in the business to an outside party, known as equity finance.

Fast growth can be achieved by privately owned businesses by converting itself into a public company in order to sell shares on the stock exchange. This is known as an Initial Public Offering (IPO) and the company then becomes a public limited company (PLC).

JT Advocates equity finance service offered includes Private Equity (PE), which is when private investment houses take a substantial stake in part or all of a business directly.

What JT Advocates Under the Equity Finance Law Service Does

JT Advocates working on IPOs and other equity finance transactions ensure that the process is legally valid and compliant with regulations, while protecting the interests of their clients.

Trainees are likely to be involved in the more routine aspects of the process, such as verification of the facts in the prospectus. Large volumes of information provided by the vendor will need to be scrutinized for anything that might affect the sale value, such as liabilities or outstanding debts.

With experience, JT Advocates become more involved with the overall structure, as well as maintaining good relations between the client, the counterparty, and their lawyers, as well as other professionals like investment bankers. The client’s interests are always upheld, but the law and regulations are always observed.

Why You Might Need Our Help

Private equity (PE) JT Advocates are specialized and advise PE firms on issues such as fund formation and fund-raising, regulatory compliance, investment activity, portfolio company management, exits, securities regulation, intellectual property, tax, corporate finance and restructuring, and litigation and dispute resolution.

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