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  1. Introduction
  2. What JT Advocates Under the Employment Law Service Does
  3. Why You Might Need Our Help


JT Advocates offers extremely dynamic, jurisdiction-specific, and subject to frequent legislative and case law developments as employers are often at the forefront of social change. It constitutes contract law and statutory rights.

JT Advocates employment law service is broad in its scope and application, encompassing all matters related to the workplace. Our employment lawyers advise global organizations, public and private sector clients, charities, and individuals. The work of our employment lawyer is therefore divided into two distinct categories – that concerning an employee and his or her respective rights and obligations, and that concerning the employer’s rights and obligations.

What JT Advocates Under the Employment Law Service Does

JT Advocates contentious work encompasses disciplinary and grievance matters within individual employment relationships, remuneration, employer negligence and culpability, and employee liability – resulting in Employment Tribunal claims (occasionally also High Court and county court claims) or negotiating a settlement.

JT Advocates non-contentious work comprises advising employers on employment aspects of company sales, drafting employment contracts and policies, and providing guidance on restructuring and redundancy programs. JT Advocates employment law service is therefore about far more than just dealing with employment contracts – Our employment lawyers will often be called upon to give general advice relating to any matter that falls under the umbrella of employment.

Services Offered

  • Preparation of secondment agreements
  • Research on local regulatory issues related to labor law
  • Preparation of HR policies, employment contracts, of foreign subsidiaries/ branches
  • Preparation of group-wide policies
  • Advice on labor issues, such as termination of local staff
  • Advice on hiring general managers, employees, and consultants
  • Preparation of secondment agreements, employment contracts, and consultancy contracts
  • Preparation of employment and other policies
  • Localization of global HR policies and manuals
  • Transfer of employees, reduction in workforce
  • Unification of HR systems and labor conditions after M&A/restructuring/closure
  • Implementation or revision of wage/retirement benefit system (defined contribution or benefit plans)
  • Advice on day-to-day HR issues which include Employees’ poor performance, sexual or power harassments, mental health issues, long work hours and contract workers, termination, disciplinarily actions
  • Support for communication with labor standards inspection offices and other authorities
  • Acting as a litigator in labor tribunal proceedings, lawsuits
  • Representing companies in out-of-court negotiations with employees
  • Preparation for, or representing companies in, collective bargaining sessions and unfair labor practice proceedings.

Why You Might Need Our Help

Employment law is here to protect every individual in the working world. Without it, there would be no clear authority on the multifaceted, complex and, at times, contentious area of employment. JT Advocates offers legal guidance to prevent discrimination, bullying, and an unequal balance of power, promote good health and safety practices, create a minimum standard of entitlements and pay.

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