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  1. Introduction
  2. What JT Advocates Under the Corporate Law Service Does
  3. Why You Might Need Our Help


JT Advocates offers corporate law services to companies on significant transactions affecting their activities, including internal operations, the buying and selling of businesses and business assets, and the arrangement of the finance to carry out these activities.

JT Advocates corporate restructuring service involves changes to the structure of a company and the disposal of certain assets, either because the company wants to concentrate on more profitable parts of its business, or because it is facing financial difficulties and needs to free up liquidity.

What JT Advocates Under the Corporate Law Service Does

JT Advocates in the area of corporate law help clients to decide on the legal form of the company being established, so as to best meet their requirements. JT Advocates provide legal consulting in relation to founding documents, articles of association, shares, registration in the Commercial Register, obtainment of business licensing, holding of general meetings, increasing and decreasing registered capital, controlling agreements, or transformation of companies. Further, they provide assistance in acquisitions or sales of businesses and companies. JT Advocates provide legal consulting in the area of insolvency law, represent creditors in insolvency proceedings, and draft proposals for the commencement of insolvency proceedings and interlocutory proceedings. JT Advocates ensure the liquidation of companies. Further, they provide consulting in the course of domestic and international business transactions, prepare and negotiate purchase contracts, distribution agreements, contracts for work, contracts for plant construction, license and franchise agreements, lease agreements, and joint venture contracts.
JT Advocates offers expertise in corporate law matters and some of the services offered include;

  • Public and private advice on mergers and acquisitions
  • Corporate restructurings
  • Private equity and venture capital
  • Underwritten and syndicated offerings
  • Commercial finance and syndicated lending
  • Cross-border transactions
  • General corporate matters
  • All-encompassing business law services
  • Business and commercial litigation services
  • Commercial real estate services
  • Employment law services
  • Mediation & Arbitration services
  • Legal counsel as a service

Why You Might Need Our Help

JT Advocates under the corporate law service work with corporations to make sure all of their transactions are legal by providing advice on their rights and obligations. Essentially, they work to make sure corporations are making decisions that provide the most benefit while remaining legal.

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