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  1. Introduction
  2. What JT Advocates Under the Entertainment and Sports Law Service Does
  3. Why You Might Need Our Help


JT Advocates offer entertainment and sports law service, combining different areas, primarily commercial contracts, employment contracts, litigation, and tax issues. JT Advocates represent players, clubs, sports agents, musicians and their agents, governing bodies or sponsorship companies.

What JT Advocates Under the Entertainment and Sports Law Service Does

Trained in one particular discipline litigators get involved with disciplinary and regulatory issues, such as governance and anti-doping; employment lawyers deal with athletes’ contracts; and commercial contract lawyers handle brand management, media rights, and sponsorship deals.

The ability to network, provide quick answers to clients’ problems, and knowledge of the sport you’re working in are needed.

Services and Advice Offered

  • Artist Incorporations and Organizations
  • Band Partnership / Joint-Venture Agreements
  • Talent Agency / Representation Agreements
  • Development and Production Agreements
  • Financing and Investor Agreements
  • Represent players, clubs, sports agents, regulatory associations, or sponsorship companies.
  • Screenwriter and Concept Protections (Copyright, Non-Disclosure Agreements)
  • Singer and Songwriter Agreements
  • Recording and Publishing Agreements
  • Licensing and Distribution Agreements
  • Literary Publishing Agreements
  • Option-Purchase Agreements
  • Advertising and Merchandising Agreements
  • Artist Immigration to Ontario for Performances / Projects
  • Trademark Protection and Intellectual Property Law

Why You Might Need Our Help

JT Advocates protect their clients’ intellectual property rights, represent them in court over disputes, negotiate contracts, show them ways to maximize earnings, and help them manage their taxes, among other tasks.

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