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  1. Introduction
  2. What JT Advocates Under the Property Law Service Does
  3. Why You Might Need Our Help


JT Advocates offer property law service, sometimes known as real estate law, which deals with transactions related to residential and commercial property. It covers specialist areas such as property finance, mortgage lending, or social housing.

What JT Advocates Under the Property Law Service Does

JT Advocates are involved in transactional based work, such as the buying and selling or rental of property, but there is a litigation side. Other related areas of law include landlord and tenant, as well as construction and planning law.

The practice area is split into residential and commercial work. Residential work is likely to take place at high street or regional-based firms, and clients are usually the public. This type of work sees lots of client contact over the phone, dealing with developments in their property buying experience. Depending on how many cases are being dealt with, it can be time pressured so our lawyers keep track of which stage each of their clients are at in their property buying process.

Services and Advice Offered

  • Drafting and reviewing the agreement of purchase and sales
  • Negotiating loan agreements and acting in relation to lending and borrowing
  • Registering, interpreting, enforcing, and defending property easements
  • Drafting, negotiating, reviewing, and assisting on a lease (landlord and tenant)
  • Private lending
  • Co-ownership agreements
  • Title remedies
  • Obtaining road access
  • Title transfer

Why You Might Need Our Help

JT Advocates deal with zoning issues and mortgage fraud, negotiate on behalf of the parties they represent, oversee the transfer of deeds and titles, and verify whether a commercial or residential property has a lien, a restrictive covenant, or another legal issue.

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