JT Advocates offers establishment and protection of intellectual creations such as inventions, designs, brands, artwork, and music.

These rights are established, protected, enforced, and promoted through means such as patents (usually for technical inventions), trademarks (for goods and services), copyright (music, art, and literature), and designs (products and logos).

What JT Advocates Under the Intellectual Property Service Does

JT Advocates specializes in either contentious or non-contentious IP. Non-contentious work involves checking and registering client’s rights through, for example, patents and trademarks, as well as drafting commercial agreements to issue licenses that allow others to use those rights.

Contentious work is required when a client’s rights have been infringed or abused in any way, for example, when counterfeit products are being sold or music is used illegally.

JT Advocates offers expertise in IP matters and some of the services offered include:

  • Representing the clients before the local competent authorities
  • Drafting and negotiating the contracts regulating intellectual property law issues
  • Legal matters concerning copyrights, trademarks, patents, and other intangible property rights
  • Legal advisory services related to software development and provision
  • Representing the clients at the court hearings and out-of-court negotiations
  • Setting up structures to hold and manage IP
  • Licensing and distributing IP
  • Coordinating IP protection and registration
  • Making introductions to research and development funding

Why You Might Need Our Help

Every business will have some form of Intellectual Property (IP) – not just those that deal with technology. To appreciate the importance of this IP, JT Advocates helps you understand the nature of different IP rights, what they protect, and how the rights can be obtained and how they best be commercialized.

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