JT Advocates offers the banking and finance law service which includes advice and representation not only with respect to lending and regulatory compliance, but also with respect to fiduciary activities, securitizations, payment systems, electronic banking, data security, and risk management.

Our service also covers mergers, corporate organizational and ownership issues involving holding companies, banks, and other regulated entities.

What JT Advocates Under the Banking and Debt Finance Service Does

Our task is to help structure their clients’ transactions, to protect our clients’ best legal and commercial interests, and to negotiate and document the contractual relationship between lenders and borrowers.

JT Advocates offers expertise in Banking and Debt finance law matters and some of the services offered include:

  • Real estate, project and business financing
  • Drafting and negotiating the financial documentation
  • Loan agreements and syndicated loans
  • Security instruments and other forms of guarantee
  • Legal review of financial documentation
  • Consumer loans and trade financing

Acquisition and Leveraged Finance

JT Advocates offers acquisition and leveraged finance legal service which involves handling the financing for leveraged buy-outs, public takeovers, private acquisitions, recapitalizations and asset purchases.

Leasing and Asset Finance

JT Advocates offers leasing and asset finance legal service which involves acting for lessors, financiers, lessees, manufacturers, export credit agencies and operators.

Straightforward bank lending

JT Advocates offers the straightforward bank lending service where a bank or other financial institution lends money to a borrower on documented repayment terms.

Real Estate Finance

JT Advocates offers real estate finance service which combines the expertise of the banking, real estate, and tax departments of a single law firm, requiring the expertise of our lawyers in the environment, planning and construction practice groups at times.

Project Finance

JT Advocates offers project finance service which refers to the financing of two main sectors – energy and infrastructure projects.

Islamic finance

JT Advocates offers the Islamic finance service which encompasses Muslim borrowers, lenders, and investors who must abide by Shari’a law, which prohibits the collection and payment of interest on a loan.

Financial services regulation

JT Advocates offers advice to financial and other businesses on everything that they might need to know about the legal limits of their financial and investment activities.

Debt Capital Markets

JT Advocates offers debt capital markets service which involves the raising of finance by means of issuing publicly traded debt securities to investors.

Loan Finance

JT Advocates offers loan finance service or general lending legal service which involves advising on loans for public and private sector borrowers as well as financial and industrial institutions.

Banking Litigation

JT Advocates offers banking litigation service which involves dealing with financially-related disputes.

Banking Regulation

JT Advocates offers banking regulation service which involves providing advice to clients on existing and prospective financially-related legislation.

Trade and Export Finance

JT Advocates offers trade and export finance service which involves organizing pre-export financing for various companies.

Structured Finance

JT Advocates offers structured finance or securitization service which involves the pooling of different types of debt with a fixed income stream and then packaging the debt in a shell company.

Why You Might Need Our Help

Banking and finance-related legal issues can affect nearly anyone. Individuals may have their bank accounts compromised by financial institutions that fail to follow federal regulations.

Small businesses can run into securities issues when accepting investment funds. Finally, large corporations and banks have a host of regulations that they must follow in order to conduct business. JT Advocates is here to offer you specific experience in your particular issue and represent clients in similar legal positions that you are.

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